About Us

Founded in 2020, Artsted is an online art marketplace with a broad offering of physical and digital works, as well as a strong focus on innovative technologies that provide unique data-driven art market investment insight.
We are a community of visionaries on a mission to democratize the art market.

How will the new technologies change the landscape of the art world? What are the habits and tastes of the new generation of art collectors? What will the art industry look like in 10 years from now?
Our dialogue is future-focused as we explore disruptive projects, influential newcomers to the space, digitally owned and exchanged Creative Assets, as part of the new paradigm.

Our People

CEO & Founder
Maryna Rybakova
All things market and art tech
Giulia Manca
contributor for Artsted
Anna Frattini
Chief editor
Jagienka Parteka
Freelance editor
NFT Community manager
Alice Asia Bergagnin
Tech & NFTs contributor
US and Americas Editor
Roberta Zertuche
Artist liason and collector relations
Sara Marin
Freelance blogger
Marketing Assistant
Valentina Ricci
PR & Marketing
Marketing Assistant
Pamela Raseni
Online Marketing