Glossary is your cheat sheet in the art world, a series where we dissect complex notions about the industry in a bite-sized format.

Buying art online

The art market is becoming increasingly accessible online so that collectors can browse and purchase different art pieces from the same place.

Art Investment

There is no denying that collecting art and investing in it has benefits to reap.


The phenomenon of separating an idea from its objective reference and creating art with it.


Formally known as an artistic representation derived from elements we see in our day-to-day.


A sacred gatekeeper of the art world: a museum. But how do collectors come in contact with museums? And what is the influence of museum recognition on an artist's career and price?

Traditional collecting

The non-spoken rules of art collecting have changed since the art market went digital. However, some of these still remain and are necessary to abide by to avoid getting a reputation of a "specollector".


The art world's most common yet most complex business model.