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Art news – the April wrap-up: from the art market trends to the Venice Biennal.

April has been a full month for the art world, and to be prepared for the major event of the season, the Venice Biennial, we'll give you some essential news to keep you updated with the dynamic events of the art world.

KAWS x Fortnite at Serpentine North Gallery

KAWS's new exhibition is the emblem of accessibility thanks to Acute Art - let's find out more.

Judy Chicago x Kanye West: a collab for social change

Today we are looing at the latest collaboration between Judy Chicago and Kanye.

NFT #3: 2022 most talked about news and project of crypto art

Three news from the metaverse and the world of NFTs.

Broken cups to support the Whitechapel Gallery

Yoko Ono supporting Whitechapel Gallery promoting a limited-edition work, "Mend Piece for John".

KAWS and the incredible donation to the American Folk Art Museum

KAWS, the famous contemporary artist, donated to the American Folk Art Museum and the reason behind it is very intriguing. Find out more here.

The exhibition without a name: Martin Margiela

 Lafayette Anticipations is hosting a new Martin Margiela art show and we are so excited to see what are the next step in his incredible career.

Vienna Museums are challenging social media

What happens when social media cause trouble to museum’s promotion due to censorship? They move to OnlyFans.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the Pompeii's fast food to the influnce of Britney Spears

This week our Sunday Art Brunch is presented in an extended version featuring news from all over the world starting from Pompeii to Britney Spears. 

Sunday Art Brunch: Christie's new headquarters and Amoako Boafo's artwork in space

Sunday Art Brunch is your weekly appointment with international art news curated by Anna Frattini. In this section you will find art news from across the world from big events to fun pieces about art and the art world. 

Sunday Art Brunch: from the Olympics to Kanye's new album cover

This week's Sunday Art Brunch is filled with Olympics related art news and other stories.

Sunday Art Brunch: a new Art Basel podcast and other stories

From newly minted NFTs to the travelling performance that surprised the world at the 2019 Venice Biennale are part of this Sunday Art Brunch.

Sunday Art Brunch: from Sylvia Plath to FEWOCiOUS take on the NFT auction

In this Sunday Art Brunch I selected pieces from the NFT world to an interview with artist Clare Grill.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the crypto art market to the importance of scents

This past week the art world celebrated FEWOCiOUS selling some NFT pieces at a very high price but so many other things happened and it is all very curious to read here.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the French Riviera to the restoration a big puppy

This week Sunday Art Brunch features news from the French Riviera incoming art season to the new Conteporary Art Auction in Milan co-curated by Anna Dello Russo for Sotheby's.

Sunday Art Brunch: from Seth Roegen's pottery to Robert Wilson launching his first NFT

From the story - litterally - behing a Modigliani painting to yet some other news from the NFT world here is your Sunday Art Brunch.

Sunday Art Brunch: from more on the NFT craze to an underwater exhibition in France

This Sunday Art Brunch week has a summery taste to it with the Porquerolles exhibition but you will find also many insights on the world of NFts and other interesting news.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the first NFT to Art Brussel's ART WEEK return

From the sale of the first NFT to Art Brussels's ART WEEK return we end this Sunday Art Brunch with Herbert Lust's incredible collection filmed by Sotheby's.

Sunday Art Brunch: the future of Art Fairs and more

Sunday Art Brunch is your weekly appointment with international art news curated by Anna Frattini. In this section you will find art news from across the world from big events to fund pieces about art and the art world.

Sunday Art Brunch: Uffizi Gallery joins the NFT craze

Sunday Art Brunch bringing you the fresh art world digest: Uffizi selling an NFT, Tracey Emin interview for the Guardian and more.

Sunday Art Brunch: Freeze NYC 2021 and the NFT news

This week's hottest art world news: Frieze NYC, NFTs taking over the Chinese art scene and much more!

Sunday Art Brunch: Kenny and Jerry taking over the NFTs

"Sunday Art Brunch" is an editorial series curated by Anna Frattini, bringing you a selection of 5 bite-sized art news pieces. Enjoy!

NFT and crypto art: the latest re-discovery

NFTs are taking over the art market: with transparent trading and artist royalties. Should gallerists feel threatened?

Top 20 affordable artists to invest in: 2021 edition

While the market leaders such as KAWS, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol are leading the charts since years, the barrier to entry is quite steep, along with the uncertainty of the ceiling for the demand (it can’t grow forever can it?) — can we get a peak into who could be the next art market star among the emerging or mid-career artists.