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How the art world can do beyond sustainability to thrive ability

The 26th United Nation Climate Change conference has just come to an end in Glasgow and here for the first time the cultural sector has been considered a priority and as the engine of sustainable development and resilience: hope is not enough anymore to face the climate crisis and Still/Moving are here to remind it.

Anna Uddenberg x Balenciaga: combining the alien with the familiar

Balenciaga collaborates with artist Anna Uddenberg and the result is alien but almost familiar.

Industry voices: Tabish Khan - the people's art critic

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene and he believes passionately in making art accessible to everyone.

Industry Voices: Marta Czyż

Meet Marta Czyż – Art historian, curator, author of texts on contemporary art. She has curated exhibitions in Kordegarda, the BWA Zielona Góra, the U-Zjazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Center.

Sunday Art Brunch: from Elon Musk's open call to Solange's new cultural adventure.

This sunday I am back with news from the art world - Elon Musk set up an open call, Solange is becoming a culture mogul and there are plans for a skyscraper NFT museum. All of this and more here on Sunday Art Brunch.

Representational Art: Here to Stay?

Contemporary realism started in the 1960s as a negative reaction to the popularity of abstract expressionism—but is that where it’s stayed? Contemporary representational painters say no.

2021 art industry trends: a glimpse into the present

2020 has acceletated the digitization in all industries. Is selling online for large figures a trend that is here to stay? Probably.

Art on TikTok in 2021: is it too late to become an early adaptor?

Is it too late to jump on board to become TikTok-famous? Artsted prepared an overview of the different cases in how arts organizations and professionals engage with this new platform.

Selling online as an emerging artist in 2021

Beginnings are not easy, and artists know that better than anyone else. They say to become a renowned and established artist, there is only one special ingredient to the recipe: originality. But it certainly doesn't prove true for most.

What is Artsted and why you should be excited about it

The accurate pricing and valuations method benefits both artists and collectors.