5 questions for the artist: Edvige Cecconi Meloni

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In this first episode of 5 questions for the artist we are meeting with Edvige Cecconi Meloni.
In this interview we will analyze her journey as an artist and what it means for her to be a visual poet.
Edvige studied Visual Art and Theater in Venice and subsequently Visual Culture and Curatorial Practices in Milan.
She works on handmade paper and fabric.
The combination between text and illustration in her works puts a new perspective on illustration creating something truly different.
In creating her magical world she navigates in these dreamy scenarios, so everyone that sees her art can dream too.

This work is part of Navigazione a due voci - a project that includes five works. Courtesy of the artist.


Tell us about your formative years. How do you find your education shaped you as an artist today?
I always studied art but in the process of learning I always chose carefully what was important for me. I loved development and drawing hours. At times, my relationship with the Academia was very difficult – I always felt out of place.

Edvige Cecconi-Meloni in the studio, courtesy of the artist.

Do you describe yourself as an illustrator? How did you know this was the medium that works for you?
I never thought of defining myself as an artist, but I always defined myself as a free thinker. Drawing was always – since I was a child – my way of communicating with others. It was my only way to convey truth, to have a clearer mind and finally my way to approach the universe. I would much rather communicate by drawing than to do it with words.

Con-fine, SpazioFico, Foto di Ilaria Maiorino, 2020

You describe yourself as a visual poet. How would you explain it to someone that knows nothing about your art.
I like to think that my artistic research is somewhat between words and visual images. I like to combine my stream of consciousness with my drawing and to the symbolism. They are two different dimension that merge into my imaginary, I define this as possibilistic narration.

Con-fine, SpazioFico, Foto di Ilaria Maiorino, 2020

What do you find essential while working on your art?
Projectuality, sometimes accidental. Casuality is very important. I proceed step-by-step, just like designing something. I begin from the draft of an idea, then move on developing stories and scenarios, trying to reach some sort of peace of mind, some place where it is possible to land.

Con-fine, SpazioFico, Foto di Ilaria Maiorino, 2020

What is your relationship with social media? Do you use them in a professional way or do you prefer a more personal take?
I approach social media exactly like I approach art and also life. There is no distinction, I use them as an archive, as a diary and an instrument to tell my story visually. I find it very beautiful to be able to share my point of view with people that do not know me at all, on the other side of the world.

Edvige on Artsted.com
Edvige is displaying steady career progress and has had notable exhibitions and institutional presence over the past 2 years. Discover her profile and available works on wwww.artsted.com
Written by
Anna Frattini