Artsted x Mare Karina


Anna - Editor-in-Chief - and Francesca - Special Project Lead - from our team just got back from the Mare Karina Showroom inauguration, and here's the recount of everything about our collaboration together.

What is Mare Karina?

Mare Karina's showroom | courtesy Mare Karina

Mare Karina is a hybrid between artist studio, gallery and agency, founded by contemporary art producer Marta Barina, and artist Jure Kastelic.

Mare Karina Showroom is a project produced in Taurisano, Puglia by Marta Barina and Jure Kastelic.
It develops within a rural Apulian factory, the home of ARTAS cultural association. It constitutes the memory of the place and culturally identifies the local community and the territory. The history of the place is linked to the cultivation and marketing of agricultural products such as figs, tobacco, oil, and wine but we note the attention to the innovation of the farm with technologies of various eras such as the generation of electricity with one of the first dynamos in the Puglia region, as well as attention to the rights of female workers with social innovations such as the possibility of offering subsidized contracts and breastfeeding rooms.
The history of this place echoes the philosophy of self-sustainability of Mare Karina, embracing new technologies and giving priority to the quality of life.

Artsted x Mare Karina Showroom

We met Jure Kastelic last April, when our team planned the first “WTF is an NFT” event in collaboration with Condominio. Providing the Hololens 2 Developer Edition, as media partners, we decided to pair with Mare Karina for this incredible project.

Jure Kastelic's works were exhibited within the Mare Karina Showroom project and this is where Artsted media partnership took over the AR counter.

The Hololens 2 Developer Edition we brought to Taurisano, Puglia | courtesy of Artsted

Kastelic’s work perfectly mirrors what Artsted does as a platform for the next generation of artists. He works both with traditional media and cryptocurrencies along with the newest technologies, this is one of the reasons why we decided to collaborate with him and Mare Karina.

Jure's NFTs displayed at Mare Karina Showroom | courtesy of Jure Kastelic and Mare Karina

For every NFT created by Jure, corresponds to the original six Augmented Reality sculptures presented at Mare Karina Showroom.
The AR sculptures are displayed with Hololens 2 Developer Edition thanks to our partnership.
The buyer will receive the original AR sculpture saved in .obj for the use on whatever device they have to display NFTs and the digital asset minted on liquid network.

This work is a continuation from the solo exhibition Magic Internet Money, Milan, 2021, by Jure Kastelic.

Written by
Anna Frattini