Frieze is back


It’s mid-October 2021 and we are in Regent’s Park: it’s great to be back, Frieze Masters and Frieze London!
International art fairs are returning in presence and after the Art Basel reunion, now is the time for Frieze.

Frieze London is one of the main art fairs of the world and focuses on contemporary art and living artists, whereas Frieze Masters brings on stage masterpieces of the past, from the ancient era to the late 20th century.

Remo Bianco, Tableau doré, Frieze Viewing Room, Galleria d’Arte Tommaso Calabro courtesy of Tommaso Calabro

This year almost 300 of the most significant galleries from around the world are taking part both to the exhibition and to special projects and talks about the most urgent contemporary issues, from the digital sales to the environmental concern because the climate emergency affects us all, even the art world. Therefore, the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) is standing within Frieze London’s dealers to spread their mission and engage the audience about environmental issues in the art sector.

The Lehmann Maupin booth at Frieze London 2021. Photo by Linda Nylind. Courtesy of Linda Nylind/Frieze.

The LG area at Frieze London is featuring works by Damien Hirst, including also digital reproductions and NFTs. The History of Painting developed by Hirst goes from the Kaleidoscope and Spin series to The Currency in NFT which include 10,000 digital artworks that each correspond to a physical one.

Damien Hirst with The Currency artworks, 2021. Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd, DACS 2021

Frieze is the right place for museums to improve their collections as well: a team of curators together with some members of the Tate are here to buy works for the museum, economically supported by Endeavor. Their aim, as the Tate’s senior curator of international art said, is to support living artists that aren’t already represented and to build the backstory of transnational Modernism.

Why is Frieze still so relevant? The Focus area is all about younger galleries displaying emerging artists such as Blindspot Gallery from Hong Kong with Sin Wai Kin and Osnova Gallery from Moscow with Alexandra Sukhareva’s Comb in the Grass.
This year Cédric Fauq designed a new section for Frieze London named Unworlding. The main idea of this path is to involve international artists that reflect on the undoing of the world as we know it. Therefore, Nora Turato and Natacha Donzé are displaying their works about apocalypse and regeneration.

Nora Turato, yes. this is how we pierce the vault of heaven, 2021, Inkjet print on glossy photo paper, 156 x 110 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Gregor Staiger
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