Salustiano: winner of the Artsted Spotlight Prize


We collaborated with VOLTA Art Fair to assign an NFT prize during their fair in NYC and today I had the pleasure to finally interview our winner: Salustiano.

Salustiano’s conceptual portraits rendered in a Renaissance manner cast back convincingly to indirect painting methods 600 years ago while being unquestionably contemporary in color play where color usurps the figure. NFTs and prints based on his portrait’s design form part of the project showing the artist’s search for a contemporary work. The mission of these portraits is not to tell stories, but to make the viewer in the position to do so.

2022 NFT Spotlight Prize Winner Salustiano Garcia Cruz at Kavachnina Contemporary (Miami/Paris)

How did you start your career as an artist?
I started it at a very early age. I was born with a special capacity to feel and observe nature in a very objective way, without distractions. It is this sensitivity to see things as they are that enables us to express ourselves artistically in adult life.

You won the Artsted Spotlight Prize during the VOLTA Art Fair in NYC. What is your previous experience with art fairs?
I have been participating in art fairs around the world for a long time. I am a “veteran”!
But it was the very first time presenting my own NFT during VOLTA NYC. I was amazed by the fact that the public was familiar with this genre of art and was expressing interest. My son Horacio, who traveled with me on this occasion, took care of the technical issues of the presentation and was providing all kinds of information on NFTs to the curious attendees during the fair.

 The Kavachnina Contemporary booth at VOLTA NYC where Salustiano showcased his NFTs

The Artsted Spotlight Prize in collaboration with VOLTA awarded you as an NFT artist. When and how did you decide to use NFTs?

It was my friend and gallerist, Gala Kavachnina who first introduced me to NFTs. She transmitted her enthusiasm about this new world and I realized that there are endless opportunities for artists in it.

What is your overall experience with NFTs?
The virtual world is absolutely new to me. I am amazed at the endless possibilities it offers, maybe because I am coming from a very classic way of producing artworks. I feel that the NFT world is a borderless world where everything is possible.

What are your future projects?

For this second part of the year, I have scheduled several exhibitions in art galleries around the world and I will take part in different art fairs. I highly recommend now to galleries I am showing with to present my NFTs collection on plasma display alongside my works on paper/canvas during the exhibitions. Since I received the prize for best NFT presented at VOLTA Art Fair, I received invitations from galleries and platforms to showcase my NFTs with them. This is just a start, so, please fasten your seatbelts!

Written by
Anna Frattini