Sunday Art Brunch: From a guide to Open Editions NFTs to an High-Tech security system for Banksy's murals


Here we are with our Sunday Art Brunch appointment, featuring the most recent and noteworthy happenings in the art world. Each week, we'll cover everything from fresh exhibits and artist discussions to market trends and industry perspectives. Get ready to enjoy a carefully selected assortment of art news to kick off your Sunday with style.

A Guide to Open Edition NFTs: the format reviving collector enthusiasm in the NFT market

Kevin Abosch, Édition Ouverte; ©Kevin Abosch

Open editions, a way of dropping NFTs with no limit to the number of editions that can be minted, have become popular among NFT artists and collectors. As Artnet writes, Open editions allow for multiple collectors while maintaining the value and uniqueness of each individual work. Creators usually control the time frame in which the NFT can be minted and the number of mints allowed per crypto wallet can also be capped. Open editions have been promoted by new NFT platforms and big-name NFT artists who are drawn to the accessibility and affordability of open editions. However, some OG creators and collectors worry that selling too many editions serves to deflate prices by undermining any sense of scarcity surrounding the work. Notable open editions include Beeple's 2020 trio of open edition NFTs and Max Pain, which raised $23 million in 10 minutes in 2022.

Franklin Parrasch Gallery presents Ali Dipp: America Craft

It's Morning in America (Benjamin Franklin - Costitutional Convention, 1787), 2023 ©Ali Dipp Courtesy of Franklin Parrasch Gallery

Galleries Now reports a new exhibition at Franklin Parrasch Gallery, entitled American Craft of Ali Dipp. As a native of El Paso, a city situated on the border between the United States and Mexico, Dipp is fascinated by the evolution of American self-representation. She explores this theme by creating paintings on denim using thread, a material that is closely associated with her hometown's past as the "jean capital of the world" prior to NAFTA.

Dipp's Lebanese and Syrian family roots, which span both Mexico and the United States, inform her view of America as a constantly evolving entity. Her close proximity to the southwestern border and her immigrant heritage have convinced her that the ideals that define America are the result of daily struggles and hard work. Dipp's art is centered on the concept of aspiration, which she sees as a defining characteristic of the American experience. Although her initial focus was on creating denim stitch paintings as a way of honoring her family's immigrant history, Dipp has expanded her scope to encompass a broader range of trajectories across American history.

A new podcast from The Art Angle: How three artists envision what a goddess means today

The interpretation of the legendary Cadillac goddess symbol for a new generation is being discussed by Ming Smith, Petra Collins, and Dannielle Bowmann regarding their artwork.

Ming Smith's interpretation of the Cadillac goddess; Courtesy of the artist

Artnet and Cadillac teamed up to celebrate the comeback of the brand's Goddess hood ornament on the new ultra-luxury EV CELESTIQ. The two organizations invited three artists, Ming Smith, Petra Collins, and Dannielle Bowmann, to interpret the goddess theme through their unique lenses and create new artwork. These images will be available through an online auction presented by Artnet, with all proceeds benefiting the nonprofit organization Free Arts NYC. The three contemporary photographers discussed their creative processes and how they approached the iconic goddess imagery during a panel in Los Angeles with Artnet News's executive producer Sonia Manalili.

Art Basel to showcase 285 galleries in Switzerland for its 2023 edition

The scene at Art Basel 2021 in Switzerland.©ART BASEL

Art Basel's 2023 edition will feature 285 galleries from 36 countries and territories, including 21 first-time exhibitors. ARTnews reports that the fair will take place on June 15-18 at Messe Basel in Switzerland, with preview days on June 13 and 14. Among the first-time exhibitors, three galleries will be featured in the main Galleries section. Other blue-chip outfits that will show at the fair include Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth, Pace, and David Zwirner, among others. The fair will have three other sectors, including Feature, Edition, and Statements, as well as a Kabinett section. Noah Horowitz, the fair's CEO, said that this year's edition would reaffirm the fair's position as a platform for discovery and encounters that drive the art world.

Banksy's Ukraine murals now protected by High-Tech security systems

Protective systems on a Banksy mural in the Kyiv area; Courtesy of Ajax Systems

Ukrainian-founded security firm, Ajax Systems, has installed high-tech security systems to protect four Banksy murals created last year in the Kyiv region. The artist created the murals in support of Ukrainians' resilience against Russia's invasion. As The Art Newspaper reports, the installations include shockproof glass and alarms after an attempt to steal one of the murals. Ajax has installed similar equipment to protect Banksy murals in Irpin and Horenka. The murals are now monitored 24/7 with rapid response provided by a security company until delivered to a museum. The technical features of the security systems include motion detectors, vibration sensors, and transparent polycarbonate barriers. The project cost more than half a million hryvnias (around $13,500), all covered by the company.

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