Sunday Art Brunch: from Dalai Lama's new letter for the world to the new director of Documenta


Welcome to the second appointment of our Sunday Art Brunch series, where every week we will be bringing you the latest and most exciting developments in the art world. From new exhibitions and artist interviews to market trends and industry insights, we've got you covered. So sit back, relax, and join us for a curated selection of art news to start your Sunday off right.

Ai Weiwei reads Dalai Lama's new letter to the world: 'The Art of Hope’

Courtesy of Circa

A video and message called "The Art of Hope" commissioned by the London-based Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Arts (Circa) has been displayed on digital billboards in London's Piccadilly Lights tonight. As The Art Newspaper telling, the video features Chinese artist Ai Weiwei reading a message encouraging people to remember the unity of humanity and not lose hope in the face of challenges while working towards a happy life. It is part of Circa's new digital art project displaying art on public screens and billboards around the world.

SFMOMA acquires its first NFT

Still from Conceiving Ada - Courtesy of Altman Seigal

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has acquired its first NFT, a work called Final Transformation #2 (2022) created by artist Lynn Hershman Leeson. The piece was donated to the museum by the Altman Siegel gallery and the artist, to be auctioned off at the annual Art Bash Auction, which raises funds for the museum's educational and community programs. The work was bought by a winning bidder for $9,000. The other edition of the work was also given to the museum by Leeson, confirmed by ARTnews.

What lessons can the art industry gain from someone who practices occultism?

Detail of artwork by Micki Pellerano - Courtesy of the artist

Artnet has created a podcast exploring the role of occultism in the art world. It examines why many prominent individuals turn to astrology for guidance. An artist named Pellerano is featured, who uses drawing and sculpture to express his connection to ritual symbolism and esotericism. He continues to study the occult and believes that astrology has played a vital role in the advancement of humanity and the development of art history.

Inside out stop in Milan: JR unveils the installation for the Arengario 

Courtesy of JR

The Inside Out project, created by the artist JR in 2014, is coming back to Milan in 2023. The project involves installing photographs of regular people in a grid on monuments and public spaces around the world. tell us that the next installation location is the Museo del 900. The project has been implemented in 150 countries, with over 400,000 photos taken, and is linked to charitable causes. People can participate by taking their own photo and making a donation. The project allows individuals to bring attention to important social issues and combines photography and social engagement. In 2022 alone, 26,000 photos were taken for the project in various countries.

Documenta appoints a new director

Courtesy of ARTnews

The organization behind the quinquennial art exhibition in Kassel, Germany known as Documenta, has appointed a new managing director, Andreas Hoffmann. As ARTnews telling, he is an expert in antiquities and has extensive experience in arts administration, having been the managing director of the Bucerius Kunst Forum exhibition center in Hamburg since 2007. He will begin his role on May 1st, taking over from Ferdinand von Saint André who was appointed as the interim managing director after controversies at the 15th edition of the exhibition in 2022, including accusations of antisemitism and censorship. The previous managing director, Sabine Schormann, left the organization in July. The next Documenta exhibition is planned for 2027 and the artistic director has not yet been announced.

Written by
Giulia Manca