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Art news – the April wrap-up: from the art market trends to the Venice Biennal.

April has been a full month for the art world, and to be prepared for the major event of the season, the Venice Biennial, we'll give you some essential news to keep you updated with the dynamic events of the art world.

The best 2021 exhibitions around the world

2021 was a wild ride and we are serving you with the best exhibitions around the world

Vienna Museums are challenging social media

What happens when social media cause trouble to museum’s promotion due to censorship? They move to OnlyFans.

Industry voices: Tabish Khan - the people's art critic

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene and he believes passionately in making art accessible to everyone.

Industry Voices: Marta Czyż

Meet Marta Czyż – Art historian, curator, author of texts on contemporary art. She has curated exhibitions in Kordegarda, the BWA Zielona Góra, the U-Zjazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Center.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the Pompeii's fast food to the influnce of Britney Spears

This week our Sunday Art Brunch is presented in an extended version featuring news from all over the world starting from Pompeii to Britney Spears. 

Sunday Art Brunch: a new Art Basel podcast and other stories

From newly minted NFTs to the travelling performance that surprised the world at the 2019 Venice Biennale are part of this Sunday Art Brunch.

Sunday Art Brunch: from Sylvia Plath to FEWOCiOUS take on the NFT auction

In this Sunday Art Brunch I selected pieces from the NFT world to an interview with artist Clare Grill.

Enter The Gallery: July

Discover Artsted's accurate selection of the most interesting exhibitions around the world. Ready to Enter the Gallery?

Sunday Art Brunch: from the first NFT to Art Brussel's ART WEEK return

From the sale of the first NFT to Art Brussels's ART WEEK return we end this Sunday Art Brunch with Herbert Lust's incredible collection filmed by Sotheby's.

Sunday Art Brunch: from Elon Musk's open call to Solange's new cultural adventure.

This sunday I am back with news from the art world - Elon Musk set up an open call, Solange is becoming a culture mogul and there are plans for a skyscraper NFT museum. All of this and more here on Sunday Art Brunch.