5 questions with the artist: Damiano Fasso

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Today we are exploring Damiano Fasso's creative world.
This artist uses various mediums and experiments with many objects: stuffed animals, paintings, video art, performance, photography and more.
He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice obtaining a Decoration degree and then went on exhibiting in Venice and Treviso (where he is based) and also in other place around Italy such as the Ex Forno MAMbo in Bologna.
Let's discover more about this artist!

The artist with one of his artworks in his studio | courtesy of the artist

What was your first step in becoming an artist?
I started winning the selections for the 84th edition of the Collettiva Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice. This occasion marked my start and therefore I kept on to applying for Open Calls and some curators and gallerists started to notice me and my work turning it into personal exhibitions.

Damiano Fasso, Andrà tutto bene | available here on Artsted

How do you define yourself in the creative industry?
I usually define myself as a multimedia artist - a generic term that mirrors in the best way my need to discover and explore mediums: from paining to video, photography and more.

Damiano working in his studio | courtesy of the artist

What is indispensable while working in your studio?
Silence and calm are my top priorities while working in my studio. If I am working on a painting I need all of my instruments ready to use or if I am developing a video project I just need my computer. I always have a block notes with me to help me write down my ideas and - of course - my phone, so I can check translations from some of the words in Chinese or Japanese that I often use in my works.

Damiano Fasso, Ultraviolence (Strategy of terror) | available here on Artsted

Who are your favorite artists and who are the ones that built your creative imaginery?
For what concerns painting my favorite artists are Murakami, Kiefer and Polke that inspired my artworks with their clean images and writings.
Buddhist mandalas and Japanese animes are among other inspirations together with videogames and more. For what concerns photography I could mention Gusky's light boxes, David La Chapelle and AES+F's colorful videos or Barney.

Damiano Fasso, Four lonesome pop deaths | courtesy of the artist

What kind of relationship do you have with social media and how do you use them?
Social media are becoming evermore important within this industry, in fact the majority of works and collaborations come from them. I mainly use IG and Facebook to post new works, Press Releases and new announcements. They also are a great tool to get to know what other artists, museums and collections are working on.

Written by
Anna Frattini