5 questions with the artist: Enrico Antonello

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Born in 1995, Enrico Antonello graduated with honors in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He is the founder of the Default Collective - a group of artists commited to exhibiting their works in unusual places such as the island of San Servolo, Monfumo and other hidden spots in Venice, Trento and Novara.
Despite his formative years have been characterized by his study of painting his art includes so much more, giving space to material research and elements that go beyond the act of painting. His experimentation gives space to many scenarios all for us to enjoy along the way.

Enrico Antonello, Three screens, 2019 | available here on Artsted

Walk us through your academic experience. How do you think your education shaped your career?
In 2013 I started to study Painting in Venice and in the same year I got inspired by the 55th Biennale of Venice, Palazzo Enciclopedico. At first, in my first term at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice I was disappointed because the vision proposed was different from mine. It was too traditional. After that, I found a painting class on the remote island of San Servolo where there was no limit for the imagination within the painting experience. From then on I started to work with a new language and approach: therefore I experimented including in my art other objects such as scooters, led, projections and speakers. I found my personal language: sound, light and movement.

Enrico Antonello, Sound Machine, 2019 | availbale here on Artsted

What is indispensable while working in your studio?
My idea of studio is not confined between four walls but goes beyond. In my ideal work space it is neccessary, though, to have the chance to expand the mental and physical process without limits so I can come to terms with infinite failures and infinite victories.

Enrico Antonello, L.I.A.G.T., 2021 | availble here on Artsted

Who are your favorite artists and who are the ones that built your creative imaginary?
In my journey as an artist there were two artists that determined a real impact: Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. Their force in disrupting contemporary art system. Also I take in great consideration emerging artsts, mostly because the language in the niche that I work with was not discovered and studied like painting was.

How did COVID-19 impact your way of making art?
In the first months of 2020 I was searching for new inputs for my creative process so I took advantage of that period to think about new artworks, even if I was stuck in the end. There was no way of retrieve the materials I needed in order to work. I wanted to open a Studio for years: a space where I could plan and work on my projects. In May 2021 Studio Veena was born.

One of Enrico Antonello's latest projects: Frequentisy, 2021

What is your relationship with social media and how do you use them?
I think about social media as parallel universes, and I live them in the same way. My approach towards them is divided in two phases: the active moment and the passive one. In the passive phase I let the algorithm take me and in the active one I contribute to add something to the jungle of the World Wide Web.

Written by
Anna Frattini