Sunday Art Brunch: From the challenge of Italian curator Leonardo Bigazzi to the art market podcasts by ArtTactic

A warm welcome to Sunday Art Brunch - a weekly selected menu of the freshest and most exciting news from the art world. Whether you're an avid art enthusiast or simply seeking creative inspiration, our brunch offers the perfect combination of entertainment and education. So sit back, relax, and allow us to serve up the tastiest art gossip and most captivating trends of the week. Enjoy it!

Women in Crypto: in conversation with Anastasiia Ageeva

Our latest guest on "Women in Crypto" is Anastasiia, a PR specialist for art and crypto projects, with whom we touched on the opportunities and benefits of blockchain technology, particularly for artists and collectors. We discussed the Newcoin protocol, a web3 coordination layer that enables developers, creators, and communities to interact on a single unified market.

In conversation with Luisa Ausenda

Today we are skipping our Weekly Editor’s Pick for a very special interview with Luisa Ausena. Breaking barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive art world, that's the vision of our latest interview with Luisa Ausenda, art curator. Get ready to dive into the intersection of feminism and digital art.

In conversation with A. Moret

Anna Frattini, our Editor-in-Chief, had a chat with A. Moret on NFTs, her career and so much more.

Collector POV: Maria Gracia de Pedro

Maria Gracia de Pedro met with one of our contributors to discuss her career, the art market and her gallery.

In the Studio with: Eva Reguzzoni

The fascinting Eva Reguzzoni virtually invited us in her studio and we had the chance to chat with her about visual arts, social media and more.

In the Studio with: Caterina Casellato

In this episode of In the Studio we are digitally visiting Caterina Casellato's studio in Venice.

5 questions with the artist: Stuart Mel Wilson

Stuart Mel Wilson is answering our 5 questions today. Let's discover this incredible artist!

5 questions with the artist: Nicolas Crocetti

Today we are discovering Nicolas Crocetti, based in Germany and working with different mediums

5 questions with the artist: Matteo Casali

Matteo Casali tells us about his creative journey and his work with painting but also recounts on his new up and coming adventure with NFTs

5 questions with the artist: Federico Polloni

We asked 5 questions to artist Federco Polloni, one of the first artists on Artsted to experiment with NFTs.

5 questions with the artist: Damiano Fasso

For this friday's 5 questions with the artist we have Damiano Fasso, working with a diverse range of mediums.

In the Studio with the artist: Vincenzo Zancana

We visited Vincenzo Zancana's Studio in Milan and here are some of the topics we discussed during our visit!

Meet the artist: Alan Abrahams

Artsted is meeting Alan Abrahams today for this interview that taps a bit more into the world of NFTs.

5 questions with the artist: Sofia Fioramonti

Sofia Fioramonti does not want to define herself a photographer but let's discover more about this incredible artsist on Artsted

5 questions with the artist: Francesco Gioacchini

We are here today to present Francesco Gioacchini's path within the art world with out 5 questions for the artist.

In the Studio with the artist: Leo Cogliati

We virtually visited Leo Cogliati's studio and here are some of his best pieces availbale to purchase on Artsted.

5 questions with the artist: Anna Bochkova

Today we are meeting Anna Bochkova asking her our classic 5 questions.

5 questions with the artist: Camilla Gurgone

Today we are discovering Camilla Gurgone's world with our usual 5 questions with the artist.

5 questions with the artist: Enrico Antonello

In this latest episode of 5 questions with the artist we are meeting Enrico Antonello

5 questions with the artist: Sam King

We asked 5 questions to Sam King about his education, his art and his studio habits. Discover more in this interview.

In the Studio with Giacomo Zornetta

We visited Giacomo Zornetta's Studio and we are mesmerized by his art and his creative process.

Industry voices: Tabish Khan - the people's art critic

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene and he believes passionately in making art accessible to everyone.

Industry Voices: Marta Czyż

Meet Marta Czyż – Art historian, curator, author of texts on contemporary art. She has curated exhibitions in Kordegarda, the BWA Zielona Góra, the U-Zjazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Center.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the French Riviera to the restoration a big puppy

This week Sunday Art Brunch features news from the French Riviera incoming art season to the new Conteporary Art Auction in Milan co-curated by Anna Dello Russo for Sotheby's.

Artist Spotlight: Matteo Trentin

We have had a chat with Matteo Trentin, an Italian visual artist working in installation and mixed media - on how his work is reflecting identity research by providing a unique figurative matrix.

Artist Spotlight: Sabrina Shah

My name is Sabrina Shah, and I am 34 years old. I am British and currently live in London. I primarily work with oil and acrylic paint, although I started using collage and experimenting with screen print/encaustic onto canvas.

Industry voices: Daniela Bianco Duppen

What is the future of the art market? How NFTs and social media are influencing artists' careers? To find answers, we had a chat with Daniela Bianco Duppen, art advisor and host of "Secrets of the Art Market" podcast.