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Hello! It is our pleasure to have a chat about your work as an artist. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Stefan Doru Moscu and I'm 38 years old. I was born in Sibiu and I am currently living and working in Brasov, Transylvania, Romania. My work covers both painting and sculpture. At this time I am working on some new paintings, with oil colors, it offers the works a nice texture that I like.

Please tell us about your beginnings as an artist. When and how did you start? (I) In which moment did you realize you were an artist?

My father was a very good wood carver and I grew up surrounded by his works of art.. I always wanted to become an artist since kindergarten when I had my first exhibition with the help of my father, of course.

Process, courtesy of the artist.

And, how about the ideation of your work as its development? How do you get inspired?

My process is simple. I have an Idea and I start creating a composition on my laptop, a digital collage that serves like a sketch to have my idea clearly contoured. And then I start to paint, but often the final work may “suffer” different shifting and changes through the process.

I work in my studio and I do not have any specific rituals. Sometimes I start the day by priming a canvas, sometimes stacking some dry paintings or storing some rolls. it's always different.

How would you define/describe yourself as an artist?

For sure I am an introvert artist, I'm not sure if this is the answer you are looking for. I like to spend more time in my studio, with my wife Magdalena, who is also an artist. We can stay both in our studio for days and we enjoy spending our time like this. When we are not in the studio, we like to travel outside the country, or to ride our bikes and to take long walks into the woods.

 My artworks take a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. I don't have a work that I am most proud of, I like parts from a painting, portrait or a composition. I think that this is the secret to success as an artist, to not settle or be happy and satisfied with your work, but to try harder every time, to put the best of you with every new work you do. The goal for me is to be healthy and make art as long as possible and to have my peace of mind in my little world, with my wife and our son, who is soon to be born.

Installation photo, courtesy of the artist.

What inspires you?

Movies, music, politics and human nature in general.

Tell us about your experience. Is there a story that you can share, a work you are proud of, an exhibition that received particularly good feedback? 

I enjoyed every art residency, solo or group show. I especially like art residencies because you can meet artists from different backgrounds. I’ve been twice in a very nice art residency in Belgium where I met some great artists who are now my friends. I also had some great soo shows in Munich and Nuremberg that I have been enjoying. I also liked to be part of The Other Art Fair in London, a couple of years ago. Everything that happened to me got me to this point in life and I am very grateful for that.

How being in isolation -due to the pandemic - has affected you related to the art practice? Do you think that what happened would influence your future work?

 Due to the pandemic situation I got some cancelled exhibitions and decreased my work sales, which is not great at all. Also the traveling restriction is not quite ok for me, but is not terribly bad, because it made me stay more inside and focus more on my new work.

Process, courtesy of the artist.

How do you think more online presence could help you in your artistic career?

Being more present online is good, because now this is the era we live in and for sure is great for visibility. But it is hard to be focused on the physical work in the studio and also be always available online.

Why should the audience/collectors be interested in your works? Is there a specific message you would like to spread? 

In my works I intend to deconstruct the reality, fairy tales, old photos that depict childhood and adult culture, in a discourse that challenges the existing political, economical, social and technological paradigms. I worked hard to be where I am at this moment as an artist and I have more to say in the future. 

If it is not a secret… Do you have any current or future projects in mind?

Well, as I said in some other interviews, my plan is to create a new series of paintings and if time will allow me I want to make more sculptures, I have started some of them and I want to finish this projects as soon as possible because very soon I will have to give all my attention to the biggest and most important project of my life and that is becoming a father. 

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