Buying art online

The art market is becoming increasingly accessible online so that collectors can browse and purchase different art pieces from the same place.

Art Investment

There is no denying that collecting art and investing in it has benefits to reap.


The phenomenon of separating an idea from its objective reference and creating art with it.


Formally known as an artistic representation derived from elements we see in our day-to-day.

London Borough of Culture 2022: welcome to Lewisham

We all do remember the Lithuanian pavilion at Venice Biennale 2019, the social criticism to spare time that won the top prize for turning the exhibition space into a beach full of people, but if you missed it out, 2022 is the right moment for being in London and see the installation by Neon Realism group again.


A sacred gatekeeper of the art world: a museum. But how do collectors come in contact with museums? And what is the influence of museum recognition on an artist's career and price?

Traditional collecting

The non-spoken rules of art collecting have changed since the art market went digital. However, some of these still remain and are necessary to abide by to avoid getting a reputation of a "specollector".


The art world's most common yet most complex business model.

Tech entrepeneur and art collector: Justin Sun

Today we are talking about Justin Sun, a rising top-art collector decisively tracing his path in the art industry.

Industry voices: Tabish Khan - the people's art critic

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene and he believes passionately in making art accessible to everyone.

5 questions for the artist: Aimee Ruoff

Today in the latest episode of 5 questions with the artist we are presenting Aimee Ruoff.

Industry Voices: Marta Czyż

Meet Marta Czyż – Art historian, curator, author of texts on contemporary art. She has curated exhibitions in Kordegarda, the BWA Zielona Góra, the U-Zjazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Center.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the Pompeii's fast food to the influnce of Britney Spears

This week our Sunday Art Brunch is presented in an extended version featuring news from all over the world starting from Pompeii to Britney Spears. 

Sunday Art Brunch: from the Olympics to Kanye's new album cover

This week's Sunday Art Brunch is filled with Olympics related art news and other stories.

Sunday Art Brunch: from the crypto art market to the importance of scents

This past week the art world celebrated FEWOCiOUS selling some NFT pieces at a very high price but so many other things happened and it is all very curious to read here.

Seasonal Inspiration: June

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Weekly Inspiration: Week 3

Discover weekly’s inspiration and masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted.

Sunday Art Brunch: from Seth Roegen's pottery to Robert Wilson launching his first NFT

From the story - litterally - behing a Modigliani painting to yet some other news from the NFT world here is your Sunday Art Brunch.

Industry voices: Charlotte Ketabi-Lebard

Interview with Charlotte Ketabi-Lebard, art dealer and founder of Ketabi projects.

Weekly Inspiration: Week 1

Discover weekly's inspiration and masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted.

Seasonal Inspiration: May

Discover May's masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted

Sunday Art Brunch: Uffizi Gallery joins the NFT craze

Sunday Art Brunch bringing you the fresh art world digest: Uffizi selling an NFT, Tracey Emin interview for the Guardian and more.

Artist Spotlight: Stefan Doru Moscu

We have had a chat with Stefano Doru Moscu, a Romanian visual artist with an expressive figurative language working with painting - on how his work is reflecting critical social, political and cultural phenomena.

Sunday Art Brunch: Kenny and Jerry taking over the NFTs

"Sunday Art Brunch" is an editorial series curated by Anna Frattini, bringing you a selection of 5 bite-sized art news pieces. Enjoy!

Industry voices: Elisabeth Johs

How is the NFT industry evolving with ever more "traditional" figures starting to get involved with the space?

Artist Spotlight: Claudio Valerio

"What inspires me is the concept of existence. I often wonder what being human means, and answers come living, of course. I see my artworks as something physiological since they embody this idea."

Artist Spotlight: Hanne Peeraer

For this week's Artist Spotlight we had a chat with Hanne Peeraer who is currently doing an MA at Royal College of Art We spoke about identifying as an artist, understanding creativity as intersection of science & magic and the importance of having tutors and artist role models to look up to.

Why is it a good idea to invest in emerging artists

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Artist Spotlight: Aurelie Sorriaux

Under the Spotlight: Aurelie Sorriaux - when artistic creation and scientific research go hand in hand. In her interview with Artsted Aurelie shared her vision and process during the "In Search of My Curls" 2020 project based on her family's photo archive.

NFT and crypto art: the latest re-discovery

NFTs are taking over the art market: with transparent trading and artist royalties. Should gallerists feel threatened?

Artist Spotlight: Tommy Kwak

The nature-inspired fine art photography and extra-terrestrial landscapes by Tommy Kwak: sharing the story about his practice and process in an exclusive interview with Artsted.

Artist Spotlight: Ginevra Babini

This week we had a chat with Ginevra Babini, a US-based artist who focuses on figurative painting and captures zeitgeist of the generation Z.

Top 20 affordable artists to invest in: 2021 edition

While the market leaders such as KAWS, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol are leading the charts since years, the barrier to entry is quite steep, along with the uncertainty of the ceiling for the demand (it can’t grow forever can it?) — can we get a peak into who could be the next art market star among the emerging or mid-career artists.

Understanding contemporary art 101

Here is the thing: while enjoying art may seem like something effortless and abstract, in reality the art knowledge is not intuitive.‍