In the studio with Meichen Lu

Join us in the studio of Meichen Lu, a London-based artist and researcher, whose practice revolves around the female experience.

Sunday Art Brunch: From the grants of National Endowment for the Humanieties to the galleries responses to the impact of climate change

Come and be part of our Sunday Art Brunch series, where we share the latest news and developments of the art world. From upcoming exhibitions to market trends and industry insights, we have everything you need to stay informed. So come and enjoy a curated selection of art news to kick off your Sunday in style!

Sunday Art Brunch: from a podcast about Afrofuturism to a tool that protect artists from the threat of AI-generated plagiarism

Come and be a part of our Sunday Art Brunch series, where we offer a carefully curated selection of art news and developments from around the world. Whether it's updates on upcoming exhibitions, market trends, or insider insights into the industry, we have you covered. Join us to start off your Sunday with a touch of style and stay up-to-date with everything happening in the art world.‍

Sunday Art Brunch: from the most expensive art works of 2022 to an exhibition dedicated to female sexual pleasure

Sunday Art Brunch: every week we will be bringing you the latest and most exciting developments in the art world. From new exhibitions and artist interviews to market trends and industry insights, we've got you covered. So sit back, relax, and join us for a curated selection of art news to start your Sunday off right.


The phenomenon of separating an idea from its objective reference and creating art with it.

5 questions with the artist: Sam King

We asked 5 questions to Sam King about his education, his art and his studio habits. Discover more in this interview.

Frida Kahlo, the most expensive Latin American artist

In the latest Sotheby’s Modern Art Evening Sale Frida Kahlo made history as the highest paid Latin American artist.

Sunday Art Brunch: Christie's new headquarters and Amoako Boafo's artwork in space

Sunday Art Brunch is your weekly appointment with international art news curated by Anna Frattini. In this section you will find art news from across the world from big events to fun pieces about art and the art world. 

Weekly Inspiration: Week 4

Discover weekly’s inspiration and masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted.

Artist Spotlight: Matteo Trentin

We have had a chat with Matteo Trentin, an Italian visual artist working in installation and mixed media - on how his work is reflecting identity research by providing a unique figurative matrix.

Weekly Inspiration: Week 1

Discover weekly's inspiration and masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted.

Artist Spotlight: Jiahui Hou

An exclusive interview with a London-based Royal College of Art Student - Jiahui Hou.

Seasonal Inspiration: May

Discover May's masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted

Artist Spotlight: Stefan Doru Moscu

We have had a chat with Stefano Doru Moscu, a Romanian visual artist with an expressive figurative language working with painting - on how his work is reflecting critical social, political and cultural phenomena.

2021 art industry trends: a glimpse into the present

2020 has acceletated the digitization in all industries. Is selling online for large figures a trend that is here to stay? Probably.

Artist Spotlight: Claudio Valerio

"What inspires me is the concept of existence. I often wonder what being human means, and answers come living, of course. I see my artworks as something physiological since they embody this idea."

Artist Spotlight: Hengzhi Gong

"I think I realised I was an artist when the first time I came to the art shop". Check out this fresh interview with Hengzhi Gong from Royal College of Art !

Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Mario Massa

For this week's spotlight we have interviewed Benjamin Mario Massa - a figurative artist who also works with installation and experiential mediums. Benjamin shared insights on his creative process, sources of inspiration, favourite contemporary creators and exciting future projects!

Artist Spotlight: Leonore Bienert

Interview with Leonore Bienert. Talking about creativity as a vital communication language, reflecting on the female image in the modern society and the artist role models.

Artist Spotlight: Ginevra Babini

This week we had a chat with Ginevra Babini, a US-based artist who focuses on figurative painting and captures zeitgeist of the generation Z.

Selling online as an emerging artist in 2021

Beginnings are not easy, and artists know that better than anyone else. They say to become a renowned and established artist, there is only one special ingredient to the recipe: originality. But it certainly doesn't prove true for most.

Understanding contemporary art 101

Here is the thing: while enjoying art may seem like something effortless and abstract, in reality the art knowledge is not intuitive.‍