The primary art market is nothing like the average auction. Artwork is not sold to the highest bidder but rather to the collectors with the best reputations in the art world. Securing an artist’s top pieces is considered a privilege since this opportunity is offered only to a selected few. But what does it take? The following is the best tip leading art-market players have shared to all those looking to enhance their roles as art collectors: Investment should never be your top priority. An artwork’s content and historical relevance should be more important than any financial return on investment you may gain. Collectors that are interested in an artwork’s background are always appreciated. Galleries, and the rest of the art world, invite interest and not speculation. Thus, gallerists look for responsible collectors to be sure that the artwork is included in a genuine collection and that its artist is respected. 

Building connections with players in the art market is just as important as your art collection. These relationships help you acquire certain pieces of art and advise you on your following purchases. As collectors, your opinions and perceptions in the art world can change over time and it’s valuable to have others from your profession to share that with. This applies for relationships between collectors and artists too! Gaining these different perceptions is both enlightening and crucial.

Written by
Pamela Raseni