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Sunday Art Bruch: From the best of next TEFAF New York to a new period of benefit auctions

Welcome to Sunday Art Brunch, a weekly roundup of all things art-related. From the news of the art market to the latest exhibitions and emerging artists, this column is your go-to source for all things art. We bring you a collection of news, updates and insights from the art world to keep you informed and up-to-date. So grab a cup of coffee and join us for a leisurely Sunday Art Brunch filled with everything you need to know about the dynamic and ever-evolving world of art.

Sunday Art Brunch: From the grants of National Endowment for the Humanieties to the galleries responses to the impact of climate change

Come and be part of our Sunday Art Brunch series, where we share the latest news and developments of the art world. From upcoming exhibitions to market trends and industry insights, we have everything you need to stay informed. So come and enjoy a curated selection of art news to kick off your Sunday in style!

Sunday Art Brunch: From Sarah Sze's latest artwork at Guggenheim to the expansion of copyright through recent court cases on AI and art

Join us for our Sunday Art Brunch series, where we offer a curated selection of art news and updates from different parts of the world. Our range of topics includes forthcoming exhibitions, market movements, and expert insights on the latest developments in the art industry. Be part of our sophisticated gathering and start your Sunday with style, while staying well-informed about the latest developments in the art world.

Sunday Art Brunch: From Phillips new Asia headquarters to the winner of Max Mara Art Prize for Woman

Welcome to our Sunday Art Brunch series, where each week we bring you the latest and most interesting developments in the art scene. From new exhibitions and conversations with artists to market developments and professional observations, we've got you covered. Take a moment to relax and enjoy a carefully crafted selection of art news with us to start your Sunday on a positive note.

Sunday Art Brunch: from Xavier Veilhan's sculptures for Chanel to Linder and Hannah Wilke' show

Greetings on the new our Sunday Art Brunch series! Every week, be prepared for the freshest and most intriguing updates in the art world. We'll keep you informed on new exhibitions, artist chats, market analysis, and industry know-how. Take a break, get comfortable and join us for a refined choice of art news to make your Sundays complete.


Formally known as an artistic representation derived from elements we see in our day-to-day.


The art world's most common yet most complex business model.

Industry voices: Tabish Khan - the people's art critic

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene and he believes passionately in making art accessible to everyone.

Sunday Art Brunch: Christie's new headquarters and Amoako Boafo's artwork in space

Sunday Art Brunch is your weekly appointment with international art news curated by Anna Frattini. In this section you will find art news from across the world from big events to fun pieces about art and the art world. 

Artist Spotlight: Matteo Trentin

We have had a chat with Matteo Trentin, an Italian visual artist working in installation and mixed media - on how his work is reflecting identity research by providing a unique figurative matrix.

Industry voices: Charlotte Ketabi-Lebard

Interview with Charlotte Ketabi-Lebard, art dealer and founder of Ketabi projects.

Representational Art: Here to Stay?

Contemporary realism started in the 1960s as a negative reaction to the popularity of abstract expressionism—but is that where it’s stayed? Contemporary representational painters say no.

Artist Spotlight: Jiahui Hou

An exclusive interview with a London-based Royal College of Art Student - Jiahui Hou.