Sunday Art Brunch: Freeze NYC 2021 and the NFT news

  1. This Sunday happens to be Mother’s day and in order to celebrate it here is an article from Artsy celebrating mothers with an interesting reflection on how women artists are shaping the way we see motherhood. Twentieth-century artists made it possible to frame motherhood as a multi-dimensional concept and it is very inspiring to see different women artists bring different perspectives.
Deana Lawson, Mama Goma, DR Congo, 2014

2. Frieze New York is finally back and we are going to talk about it. The New York Times recounts the event making it clear that the fair is now a hybrid affair and that the venue will be home to optimistic dealers and fresh art. The pandemic has changed a lot of things and now is the time to see what will happen to the art world after 2020.

The Shed, the arts center in Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan (at center), is this year’s home of Frieze New York. Credit…Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

3. Speaking of fresh art, Agustina Woodgate is selling art via ATM at Frieze. The new project of the Argentinian artist is a hacked ATM where the whole idea is for the machine to replace the job of the gallerist. In fact, if you are at Frieze NY you can purchase a work from the machine simply using your debit card. The bank is then going to withdraw 100$ and the artist will sand the bill. Want to know more? You can read all about Woodgate’s work here.

Agustina Woodgate, “Don’t Trust, Verify,” a project from Barro at Frieze New York. Photo courtesy of Barro, New York and Buenos Aires.

4. I promise, this is the last Frieze news for this Sunday Art Brunch. The Art Style artnet series is back with a piece dedicated to Frieze outfits. Maria Vogel chose between the many fairgoers in the VIP preview featuring fun, elegant and funky outfits. If you are curious to see some outfits from Frieze this article is definitely for you.

Carla Shen. Photo by Maria Vogel.

5. Last but not least! Let’s not forget about our favorite hot topic lately: NFTs. In this long article Yaling Jiang is explaining how China’s art market embraced NFTs. From the very first appearance of the blockchain model to China’s relationship with NFTs. The author points out something really interesting: even thou China is very prone to new technologies cryptocurrencies remain a grey area even there. Only time will tell us what’s next for NFTs.

Beeple, installation view of Everydays — The 2020 Collection, 2020, in “Virtual Niche: Have You Ever Seen Memes in the Mirror?,” at UCCA Lab, Beijing, 2021. Courtesy of Block Create Art (BCA).

Written by
Anna Frattini