Sunday Art Brunch: Kenny and Jerry taking over the NFTs


Sunday Art Bruch is your weekly appointment with international art news curated by Anna Frattini. In this section you will find art news from across the world from big events to fun pieces about art and the art world.

“Jerry and Kenny”, courtesy of Artnet.
I.NFT is on everyone’s mouth and Jerry Saltz and Kenny Schachter, writer at artnet, embarked on an interesting adventure. In this article Schachter explains his point of view on NFTs and recounts on his adventure with the art critic. The two of them, in fact, collaborated for a charitable cause dipping their toes into the market. The result is a very fun article that makes clear that NFTs are something we will all have to learn to deal with, sooner or later.
I I. The Guardian publishes the incredible story behind Caravaggio’s Crowning of Thorns. From the finding in Spain to the arrival at the Colnaghi gallery in London that will be leading the restoration and sale of the painting. The painting was originally attributed to Josè de Ribera and later, when found by Giancarlo Ciaroni, Massimo Pulini recognized it as a work from Caravaggio in a 16 pages essay that was read to the owners.

Linda Nochlin, Photo : Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan/Sipa USA
III. Another interesting piece from last week is ARTnews’s recollection on the 20 curators who changed the way we see art. The role of the curators within the art world is crucial and it is very interesting to observe how these figures took action in different ways. Some of them revolutionized the way we experience art, others thinned the line between art and political matters or encouraged the art scene in their country.
IV. In this video produced by Art21 Lynn Hershman Leeson talks about the process behind her works. In collaboration with artnet and Art21 the artist told her touching story revealing her incredible relationship with art and the latest technologies. Her new solo exhibition, Lynn Hershman Leeson: Twisted, will be on view at the New Museum from June 2021.

Stan Douglas, Doppelganger, 2019, courtesy of
V. Last but not least, here is the list of the 10 highly anticipated pavilions at the Venice Biennale 2022 curated by Artsy. After the 2019’s theme, May You Live in Interesting Times, here’s what to expect from the 59 th edition.

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Anna Frattini