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A sacred gatekeeper of the art world: a museum. But how do collectors come in contact with museums? And what is the influence of museum recognition on an artist's career and price?

Industry voices: Tabish Khan - the people's art critic

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene and he believes passionately in making art accessible to everyone.

Sunday Art Brunch: Christie's new headquarters and Amoako Boafo's artwork in space

Sunday Art Brunch is your weekly appointment with international art news curated by Anna Frattini. In this section you will find art news from across the world from big events to fun pieces about art and the art world. 

Representational Art: Here to Stay?

Contemporary realism started in the 1960s as a negative reaction to the popularity of abstract expressionism—but is that where it’s stayed? Contemporary representational painters say no.

Industry voices: Daniela Bianco Duppen

What is the future of the art market? How NFTs and social media are influencing artists' careers? To find answers, we had a chat with Daniela Bianco Duppen, art advisor and host of "Secrets of the Art Market" podcast.

Sunday Art Brunch: Uffizi Gallery joins the NFT craze

Sunday Art Brunch bringing you the fresh art world digest: Uffizi selling an NFT, Tracey Emin interview for the Guardian and more.

Sunday Art Brunch: Freeze NYC 2021 and the NFT news

This week's hottest art world news: Frieze NYC, NFTs taking over the Chinese art scene and much more!

Industry voices: Marie Odile Falais

A new generation of content creation for arts & culture - exploring the perspective of Marie Odile Falais

Sunday Art Brunch: Kenny and Jerry taking over the NFTs

"Sunday Art Brunch" is an editorial series curated by Anna Frattini, bringing you a selection of 5 bite-sized art news pieces. Enjoy!

What is Artsted and why you should be excited about it

The accurate pricing and valuations method benefits both artists and collectors.

Top 20 affordable artists to invest in: 2021 edition

While the market leaders such as KAWS, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol are leading the charts since years, the barrier to entry is quite steep, along with the uncertainty of the ceiling for the demand (it can’t grow forever can it?) — can we get a peak into who could be the next art market star among the emerging or mid-career artists.