Sunday Art Brunch: from the crypto art market to the importance of scents


Sunday Art Brunch is your weekly appointment with international art news curated by Anna Frattini. In this section you will find art news from across the world from big events to fun pieces about art and the art world. 

  • Let's begin this Sunday Art Brunch with a very interesting news from the crypto world. 18-year-old FEWOCiOUS fetched $2.16 millions selling five lots from Hello, I'm Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life. FEWOCiOUS was the first artist to collaborate with fashion digital brand RTFKT and his career is only starting. His vision includes NFT as the future of creativity and we can only watch his next moves.
  • Another hot topic from the past week was the unveiling of Princess Diana's new statue commissioned by her two sons back in 2016, 20 years after her death. The statue, situated in Kengsington Palace, was sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley and features the late Princess with three children. Jonathan Jones from The Guardian has a lot of opinions about it and it is all very interesting to read.
The statue dedicated to the Princess of Wales. ph. Dominic Lipinski
  • This week I want to include something different about the art world: the rise of scents within art exhibitions. Forbes contributor Nadja Sayej explains the importance of the memories triggered by aromas within the realm of cultural experience interviewing a professional in the field.
The Van Gogh Alive digital exhibition that travelled all over the world, featured the presence of a specific scent provided by Scott Williams, general manager of ScentAir's Australian office. Courtesy ScentAir.
  • artnet interviewed Maren Hassinger and the result is a very intersting look on her journey as a black artist. The Dia Bridgehampton is hosting Hassinger's new installation The Window in New York. The artist is recollecting memories from her career including her encounters with Basquiat and Warhol talking also about her role as an educator and her ties with her community.
The Window, on view at Dia Bridgehampton in New York. Courtesy the artist, ph. Don Stahl.
  • As I always try to dedicate this last section of our Sunday Art Brunch to collector's matters here is Artsy Insider investigating on how the next generstion of collectors is buying art. It is not going to be a surprise that 91% of the collectors that started to collect in the past four years, considering all data based on a survey launched by Artsy, declared that they bought art online.
Written by
Anna Frattini