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The responsible curator for overseeing Willem Dafoe's film 'Inside' elevates the portrayal of art in cinema to new heights

Curator Leonardo Bigazzi | Ph. Edoardo Piva

Inside, a new psychological thriller movie starring Willem Dafoe as an art thief, has presented a logistical challenge for Italian curator Leonardo Bigazzi as the film incorporates real and replica works from some of the world’s most famous living artists beyond standard set design. Bigazzi had to gain the trust of artists, convincing them to loan original items despite the fact they would not be insured. The film’s art collection includes paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings, installations, video and conceptual works, and features the likes of Maxwell Alexandre, John Armleder, Maurizio Cattelan, Joanna Piotrowska, Egon Schiele, and Alvaro Urbano. The luxury apartment in the film is an amalgamation of abstract pieces that were chosen to represent the character of its absent owner and the plight of Dafoe’s character, Nemo. Enjoy more on ARTnews.

Hong Kong's largest Art Basel attracts celebrities, collectors, and A-list artists in great numbers, signaling the city's resurgence

Ph. Peter Parks | AFP via Getty Images

Despite the challenges faced by Hong Kong in recent years, the city remains a hub for the international art market. Art Basel Hong Kong, which took place this month, was attended by a number of high-profile collectors, including Pharrell Williams, as well as art world stars, such as Takashi Murakami and Beeple. Artnet reports that many dealers and clients attend the fair in Hong Kong due to its unique location and concentration of wealth, which make it an ideal place to connect across Asia. The return of prominent mainland Chinese collectors to the fair, following years of pandemic and political unrest, has also delighted gallerists.

Gilbert & George open an Art Centre in London to showcase their living journey as artists

Gilbert & George | Ph. Maja Smiejkowska | Courtesy of Reuters

Artists Gilbert & George have opened a new exhibition venue, The Gilbert & George Centre, in Spitalfields, east London, featuring three levels of gallery space. As Reuters tell, the exhibition centre will show much of its programme for free in line with their "art for all" ethos. The inaugural exhibition, "The Paradisical Pictures," which opens to the public on April 1, will showcase colourful psychedelic depictions of fruits, flowers and leaves. The artists, who have been producing pictures that tackle identity, race, poverty and death since they met in 1967, say their work has evolved over the decades, reflecting their vision of today as human beings.

US Copyright Office establishes policies for images generated by artificial intelligence

DALL-E image based on the prompt "robot signing his name on a painting" | Image generated by Valentina Di Liscia | Courtesy of Hyperallergic

The United States Copyright Office has issued a statement of policy stating that artworks generated using artificial intelligence (AI) can now be registered for copyright protection on a case-by-case basis. Hyperallergic writes taht the works will be evaluated for evidence of "human authorship," similar to photography. The policy distinguishes between AI-generated works and those created by human artists using AI as a tool. Only the "human-authored" elements of the latter will be eligible for copyright protection, while AI-generated works without human creative contribution will not be approved. Applicants must disclose the inclusion of AI-generated content and explain the human-authored elements.

Art market podcasts by ArtTactic

Courtesy of ArtTactic

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