5 questions with the artist: Camilla Gurgone

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Based in Rome, Camilla Gurgone obtained her BA in Fine Art from RUFA University of Rome. She also undertook her thesis research work in the dazzling Bilbao where she won the BilbaoArte GRANTS residency, curated by Juan Zapater.

Limits and paradoxes linked to society are at the center of her research. She investigates the aspects we encounter around crises and diversities through environments and familiar spaces.
Accidents, breakdowns, water leaks and sudden pipe breakages disrupt our daily routine, and Camilla plays on this subject with pieces such as Fix the Leaky Faucet or Problemi di idraulica.

Camilla Gurgone, Problemi di idraulica, 2021 | availble here on Artsted

Her approach is different from many artist but definetly interesting. Her simple, yet direct language makes us wonder what she will create next, what projects she has in the works for us to enjoy with the same curiosity.

Walk us through your academic experience. How do you think your education shaped your career?
It was a shot in the dark, now my work is stricly sculptural and installative but at the beginning I was a painter. When I enrolled in the Sculpture course in Roma at the RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts meant going outside of my comfort zone, going beyond tecnique. Once I overcame my fears and doubts I realized I made the right decision.

Camilla at work installing her Problemi di idraulica | Courtesy of the artist

What is indispensable while working in your studio?
Intrestingly enough, Netflix! It is my soundtrack instead of music. I love to have multiple stimuli in order to maintain my concentration and not get bored.

Tachilalia (mangio parole), a series of ceramics inspired by the limited life of receipts by Camilla Gurgone | available here on Artsted

Who are your favorite artists and who are the ones that built your creative imaginary?
I have so many artists I look up to such as Sophie Calle, Carsten Höller or Rirkrit Tiravanija but for what concern my everyday inspiration I love to look at daily scenarios or staged situations linked to scenography. In fact, one of my biggest inspirations is Claudo Mazzoli - art director and Disney's set designer that also worked for Gardaland, the biggest theme park in Italy.

a piece of Easy and effective! home edition - phon, 2020 by Camilla Gurgone (works with thermal paper)

How did COVID-19 impact your way of making art?

The pandemic pushed me to come up with different ways of communicating my work to the public.

Camilla Gurgone, Easy and effective! home edition - phon | available here on Artsted

What is your relationship with social media and how do you use them?
I use my IG profile as an interactive portfolio of my works: all of my posts are linked in a dynamic scheme that conceals hidden details of my pieces. Other than that, I create a IG filter for every project I release so the spectator can keep on interacting with it.

Written by
Anna Frattini