Museums should be put at the top of the list by collectors. Artists aspire for their pieces to be part of museum collections because the validation this brings is extremely significant in the art world. It is common that museums pay discounted prices for artwork. However, the works of art displayed in these public institutions enrich the reputation of both the artist and the gallery the artwork is found in. A gallerist who wants to do his or her job well will try to gain influence within public collections. The rationale is the following: when more art is sold to these institutions, the artists gain more recognition, ultimately making their pieces more expensive over time and leading to greater profits in the future. Try gaining a seat in a museum board. Having a museum affiliation allows for quicker access to artworks. Being part of an institution like this shows your commitment to the rest of the art world and proves you’re in it for more than just private profits. In addition, being part of the board can help you understand what you want in an artistic piece, discover your collecting patterns, and know what to look out for when adding on to your collection. If you’re looking to take your reputation in the art world to the next level, you could consider giving the public access to your own collection, perhaps by establishing a private museum. 

Written by
Pamela Raseni