Seasonal Inspiration: May

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Our seasonal and conceptual inspiration, a new series exploring the trending topics and putting the contemporary aesthetic in dialogue with the art world’s rising stars. Discover May's inspiration and masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted.
I think, everybody's soul is Lonely by JiahuiHou

New Monna by Angelosca
Minnie Muse, René Magritte’s The Son of Man, Clad in Louis Vuitton
Read my mind by Stefan Doru Moscu
Paul Kaptein
Nicolas Party, Untitled
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, The Mastaba
Lifeguard tower 17th Street by Tommy Kwak
Lifeguard tower 17th Street by Tommy Kwak
Senza Titolo Contemporaneo by Lucrezia Zaffarano
Ólafur Elíasson, Riverbed
Viktor Freso, Angry Boy
Fashion by Kateryna Bortsova
Party with a cat by Stefan Doru Moscu
Heaven restores you in life by Stefan Doru Moscu
Food Coma by Ginevra C. Babini
Anish Kapoor, Shooting into the Corner
Drowning by Non Vanilla
Alexander Calder, Six Planes Escarpé
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