5 questions with the artist: Paolo Pavan

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I steal the identity of historical events, things, works and people by repeating and modifying them with the medium of oil painting on various canvas dimensions; all this to see if, in this repetition, a new or different sensation can arise curiousity.

These are the words that Paolo Pavan uses to describe his approach to art on his Artsted page. I think that this is a great starting point for our 5 questions with the artist!
Repetition, in this case, is the key to understanding Pavan's creative world.

Paolo Pavan, born in 1987, identifies as a painter but he experimented with many media. During this experimenting phase there was always a robust colour scheme in which the detail is almost always lost in the blur.

Paolo Pavan | courtesy of the artist

What was your first step in becoming an artist?
Initially I was not really interested in painting - during my first year at the Accademia, in fact, I loved to draw. This allowed me to be free in a way and to warm up before moving on to paint. Drawing was my dimension.
During my Master's, finally, I slowly switched to painting... attending Decortation courses and opening myself up to other possibilities.

I loved to draw. This allowed me to be free in a way and to warm up before moving on to paint. Drawing was my dimension.
Paolo Pavan, Untitled | courtesy of the artist

What is indispensable while working in your studio?
Nothing, in the sense that there should not be any interruptions. In those moments I do not exist for anyone.

Who are your favorite artists and who are the ones that built your creative imaginery?
Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon influenced my creative imaginery a lot but there are a lot of other artists that guided me during the years.

Paolo Pavan, Okay like that?, 2021 | available here on Artsted

How did COVID-19 impact your career?
COVID-19 slowed me down a bit, in a positive way. I began to work in a calmer way. Overall, it did not affect my technique or my mood.

What is your relationship with social media?
I play with them like a baby - sometimes it can be stimulating, sometimes it's tiring. But I wouldn't know the correct answer. During the pandemic I met a lot of exceptional people and artists thanks to social media and - in some way - it enriched my vision. Overall, I would say that my relationship with social media is fragmented and aloof.

Paolo Pavan, Before COVID, 2020 | available here on Artsted

Written by
Anna Frattini