In the Studio with: Caterina Casellato

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Today we are virtually visiting Caterina Casellato's studio in Venice. She completed an MA in Fine Art the Venice Academy of Fine Arts last year and is navigating her artistic career participating into various shows and prizes such as the Combat Prize in Livorno, the Rea! Art Fair in Milan, the collective Extra Ordinario in Venezia Marghera and was the finalist of the Exibart Prize.
In Casellato's creative language everyday objects become the protagonists and carriers of mystery. In her pantings we can witness contrasting images under different gazes.

This sincere and inclusive interpretation and and representation of the forms thus possesses the capacity to detach itself from whatever certainties.
Caterina Casellato in her studio | courtesy of the artist

What were your first steps in becoming an artist?
It was a gradual process. I started to get into drawing and panting when I was little and from then on I decided to pursue and deepen my vision on art. Studing at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice - especially at the Di Raco e Scavezzon atelier - was the beginnning of my creative research.

Caterina Casellato in her studio | courtesy of the artist

How do you define yourself within the creative industry?
I define myself as a young artist, I would not know how to put it otherwise.

What is indispensible while working in your studio?
When I work I need everything to be settled in my own way with studios under my watch, drawings and canvases. I hang on the walls many elements and the floor is always covered with papers. This is the only way I can control the flow of my work.

courtesy of the artist

Who are your favorite artists and who are the ones that built your creative imaginary?
In the course of my creative career I was always fascinated by many artists but the ones that stand out for me are: Luc Tuymans, Luca Pancrazzi, Louise Bourgeois and Maja Bajevic.

Caterina Casellato, Il ritrovamento, 2020 | available here on Artsted

Now that the pandemic is almost over, what are your future plans?
Even if we are almost at the end, this moment in time presents many uncertainties - so finding the time to paint as much as possible and remain focused on the evolution of my career are my main objectives.

Caterina Casellato, Oracolo, 2022 | available here on Artsted

What kind of relationship do you have with social media?
I do not have a specific relationship with them, sometimes I ignore them but other times they can give me some inputs. I generally think that they are a good way to keep in touch with different points of view.

Written by
Anna Frattini