In conversation with Luisa Ausenda

Today we are skipping our Weekly Editor’s Pick for a very special interview with Luisa Ausena. Breaking barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive art world, that's the vision of our latest interview with Luisa Ausenda, art curator. Get ready to dive into the intersection of feminism and digital art.

VOLTA Art Basel 2022 feat.

The post-pandemic world is reviving through the art fairs. See the latest snapshots of Artsted at VOLTA during the 2022 Art Basel.

NFT #6 – Utility NFTs: the new frontier of crypto art?

Non-fungible-utility-tokens could represent a new way to develop relationships and engage audience in the art world for digital and crypto artists. Here's everything you need to know about the newest NFT frontier for the arts!

Buying art online

The art market is becoming increasingly accessible online so that collectors can browse and purchase different art pieces from the same place.

Art Investment

There is no denying that collecting art and investing in it has benefits to reap.

Seasonal Inspiration: June

Discover June's masterworks by the most talented emerging artists exclusively featured on Artsted

Industry voices: Elisabeth Johs

How is the NFT industry evolving with ever more "traditional" figures starting to get involved with the space?

Artist Spotlight: Hengzhi Gong

"I think I realised I was an artist when the first time I came to the art shop". Check out this fresh interview with Hengzhi Gong from Royal College of Art !

Artist Spotlight: Hanne Peeraer

For this week's Artist Spotlight we had a chat with Hanne Peeraer who is currently doing an MA at Royal College of Art We spoke about identifying as an artist, understanding creativity as intersection of science & magic and the importance of having tutors and artist role models to look up to.

Art on TikTok in 2021: is it too late to become an early adaptor?

Is it too late to jump on board to become TikTok-famous? Artsted prepared an overview of the different cases in how arts organizations and professionals engage with this new platform.

Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Mario Massa

For this week's spotlight we have interviewed Benjamin Mario Massa - a figurative artist who also works with installation and experiential mediums. Benjamin shared insights on his creative process, sources of inspiration, favourite contemporary creators and exciting future projects!

Artist Spotlight: Tommy Kwak

The nature-inspired fine art photography and extra-terrestrial landscapes by Tommy Kwak: sharing the story about his practice and process in an exclusive interview with Artsted.

Artist Spotlight: Leonore Bienert

Interview with Leonore Bienert. Talking about creativity as a vital communication language, reflecting on the female image in the modern society and the artist role models.

Artist Spotlight: Ginevra Babini

This week we had a chat with Ginevra Babini, a US-based artist who focuses on figurative painting and captures zeitgeist of the generation Z.

Artist Spotlight: Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Interview with Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

What is Artsted and why you should be excited about it

The accurate pricing and valuations method benefits both artists and collectors.

Top 20 affordable artists to invest in: 2021 edition

While the market leaders such as KAWS, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol are leading the charts since years, the barrier to entry is quite steep, along with the uncertainty of the ceiling for the demand (it can’t grow forever can it?) — can we get a peak into who could be the next art market star among the emerging or mid-career artists.