mixed media


In the studio with Meichen Lu

Join us in the studio of Meichen Lu, a London-based artist and researcher, whose practice revolves around the female experience.

In the Studio with Stefano Conti

Stefano Conti is an italian artist based in Sweden, Göteborg. Discover his studio practice with Artsted.

Industry Voices: Marta Czyż

Meet Marta Czyż – Art historian, curator, author of texts on contemporary art. She has curated exhibitions in Kordegarda, the BWA Zielona Góra, the U-Zjazdowski Castle Contemporary Art Center.

Artist Spotlight: Sabrina Shah

My name is Sabrina Shah, and I am 34 years old. I am British and currently live in London. I primarily work with oil and acrylic paint, although I started using collage and experimenting with screen print/encaustic onto canvas.

Artist Spotlight: Hanne Peeraer

For this week's Artist Spotlight we had a chat with Hanne Peeraer who is currently doing an MA at Royal College of Art We spoke about identifying as an artist, understanding creativity as intersection of science & magic and the importance of having tutors and artist role models to look up to.

Artist Spotlight: Aurelie Sorriaux

Under the Spotlight: Aurelie Sorriaux - when artistic creation and scientific research go hand in hand. In her interview with Artsted Aurelie shared her vision and process during the "In Search of My Curls" 2020 project based on her family's photo archive.