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VOLTA Art Basel 2022 feat.

The post-pandemic world is reviving through the art fairs. See the latest snapshots of Artsted at VOLTA during the 2022 Art Basel.

WTF is an NFT?!

Here is the detailed account of our live first talk!

In conversation with A. Moret

Anna Frattini, our Editor-in-Chief, had a chat with A. Moret on NFTs, her career and so much more.

Collector POV: Maria Gracia de Pedro

Maria Gracia de Pedro met with one of our contributors to discuss her career, the art market and her gallery.

In the Studio with: Eva Reguzzoni

The fascinting Eva Reguzzoni virtually invited us in her studio and we had the chance to chat with her about visual arts, social media and more.

NFT #6 – Utility NFTs: the new frontier of crypto art?

Non-fungible-utility-tokens could represent a new way to develop relationships and engage audience in the art world for digital and crypto artists. Here's everything you need to know about the newest NFT frontier for the arts!